About Us

We are a minimalist accessories brand that specializes in handmade jewelry, fun sweatshirts, and tees for the trendy fashionista

Our History

Our owner comes from the publishing and media world which a luxury fashion magazine is still owned and ran. Trends, fashion and beauty are in our dna

Est. 2021

Our Story


The owner Adrielyn Christi comes from the publishing and media world which she still owns a luxury fashion magazine. She wanted more out of life than just sitting at the computer all day writing articles, viewing runway images etc., so because of her grandkids she decided to start selling kids clothing. She  started selling with her daughter but soon found that kids clothing was a little harder sell than women’s clothing.

Mid last year we started incorporating fun varsity embellished sweatshirts just to offer something different and added a few jewelry pieces that were bought wholesale. Although the varsity sweatshirts did “ok” it didn’t satisfy her and the jewelry seemed to be a hit, but it didn’t come from a creative mind. That’s when Adrielyn decided to start hand making the jewelry and now that’s all we do. We use gold filled products along with genuine stones and gold filled wire.

The sweatshirts got a little makeover too! They are all hand dyed sweatshirts with premium brands and then a heat press is used to transfer on to them.

This is the best of both worlds!

Hand sourced and created:


That’s what we do

Our Future

Looking Towards Bigger and Better Things



Things to create

Core Values

To use genuine products and give the best customer service possible