We are ready for the major jewelry trends for the fall/winter 2023 trends in jewelry and accessories, but as the upcoming season is approaching, it's time to look at what changes are coming. As we source our inventory, we want to make sure we capturing the most of what we [...]
Hey Kouklas! Before you place any order for a new necklace, it's important to take a look at a few things regarding your necklace. Although the aesthetics are important, but the length of the chain is also an important decision.  Necklaces or chains come in industry standard lengths; five different lengths [...]

Derm’s favorite skincare brand, COSRX has been named a 2023 TOP Brand Seller by Amazon. This prestigious award recognizes the top-performing brands across various categories on Amazon, based on their sales growth, customer satisfaction, and overall performance. This year, COSRX’s exceptional growth and success in the highly competitive e-commerce marketplace […]

What makeup trends are you currently loving? We’re more of the classic and natural trend. Keeping a simple lip balm, mascara, blush etc. But do you know which products we’re loving right now? For a blush, we’re totally loving a soft and fluffy liquid blush. They give you a buildable coverage […]

Gel manicure polishes contain photo-initiated polymers, which are activated when exposed to light. The polymers absorb [light] rays that causes them to “harden or cure so that the polish adheres to nails.” Most often this is done with a UV light, as it works a bit quicker than LED — usually […]